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Still Making a Difference
Spreading Good News, Spring 2016
Daryl Trexler, Eastern Area Manager
3/8/2016 -


  A little town called Fuquay-Varina became my home after college.  Although I don't live there anymore, it still feels like home.  What made Fuquay so special for me?  Quite frankly, it was my church family - Piney Grove Baptist Church. It was a place of deep community and faith and where I eventually was called to serve as the youth minister.  From time to time, I get the opportunity to go back and visit. On a recent visit, something caught my eye as I walked around.  In the back hallway, there is a plaque that hangs on the wall.  I had seen this plaque before-it was one that we had hung back in 2005 while I was on staff.  The reason it caught my attention was because it was STILL there after all these years.


  As I approached the plaque, the words inscribed on it years ago were still there:  "The Rick Goforth Scholarship."  Even as I type Rick's name, I am reminded again of what a special man he was to me.  Rick had two kids in our youth group and became an invaluable member of our youth ministry team.  He was a Sunday school teacher, ministry partner, member of the leadership team, mentor and one who consistently urged our youth to live out their faith.  Rick made a difference in many of our lives.  In 2002, Rick was diagnosed with kidney cancer, eventually losing his battle in 2003.  Rick left an incredible legacy for our young people.  In our efforts to keep Rick's spirit and message alive, Piney Grove decided to establish a scholarship.  It would serve as a way of remembering Rick and challenging our youth to follow the example of the life that Rick had led. 


  In 2005, the first scholarships were awarded, helping with college expenses.  As I looked at the plaque, my eyes were fondly drawn to the names of those who were recipients.  These were names I knew well - Ben, Megan, Lauren, Bethany, Jennifer, Alana and the list went on.  I couldn't help but smile as many of these have graduated from college, have families and are making impacts of their own.   The 2006 recipient, Bethany Taylor, graduated from North Greenville College and is now serving as the first paid Children's Minister at Piney Grove.  Bethany says this about the scholarship, "...when I received the Rick Goforth scholarship, I was honored.  I had known Rick and the man of God he was. I never could have imagined that God would use my college education and call me back to Piney Grove to serve as their first Children's Minister. What Rick sowed ... is still being reaped today."


  Rick Goforth is still impacting the kingdom of God.  The plaque still stands, but more importantly, still has room to add the names of new Rick Goforth Scholars who will continue to impact the world.  Rick is still making a difference and that brings me great joy.


  The Rick Goforth Scholarship was established in 2005 through the services of the NC Baptist Foundation.  If you have questions regarding establishing scholarships or other endowments, feel free to contact your area manager.