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The Parable of the Dryer
Spreading Good News, Spring 2017
Daryl Trexler, Eastern Area Manager
3/27/2017 -

Rev. Terry Stockton West Chowan BA  My inbox lit up one afternoon.  I opened it and followed its instructions to give the sender a call. On the other end of the call was an associational missionary who serves in eastern NC.  After a few pleasantries, we got to the point of the conversation.  He wanted to say some good things about the Foundation.  Well, I'll have to admit he had my full attention at that point, as we all like a few "attaboys".  I leaned in and listened a little closer as he began to remind me of a story.  Not only did he remind me of the story, he wanted to find ways to tell others the story as he felt it had significant meaning. I call his story "The Parable of the Dryer" and wanted to share it with you.


  Before Hurricane Matthew arrived, the storms and floods of September had already made their presence known in eastern NC.  Many were affected by these floods.  Among those affected were a retired pastor and his wife. They had faithfully served throughout the years, but now found themselves in great need, as the floods had taken pretty much everything they owned. They had to find a new residence, as their home was no longer a place they could stay. To put it plainly, their needs were great.  My missionary friend went to visit the pastor and his wife and noticed the need. Besides the obvious need of financial assistance, my friend recognized a particular need, one most of us take for granted. They had no washer or dryer.  If they did manage to get their clothes washed, they had no way of drying them to keep them from molding. 


  The missionary went to work and began to find ways to help this dear couple.  In his efforts, he remembered that the NC Baptist Foundation might be able to help.  He remembered that there had been money set aside a long time ago by some Baptists with the Foundation that was to be solely used for retired pastors. The missionary called the Foundation and told the story of the retired minister.  The funds, left many years ago, were for this very purpose and were able to provide not only a monthly stipend, but a washer and dryer as well.  The missionary  served as a bridge (pun intended) between a great need and resources left at the Foundation for Kingdom work. The Kingdom of God is like an endowment given a long time ago and used years later to provide a dryer.


  The moral of this parable is simple. God uses present generosity to meet needs, both present and future, in ways that we can't  imagine, even via a dryer. We, at the Foundation, are excited to be a part of a ministry that bridges the gap between givers and recipients of the generosity of NC Baptists.   To God be the glory.