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Special Advice From A Special Person
Spreading Good News, Summer 2017
Robert Simons, Central Area Manager
6/12/2017 -


You could not imagine what Margaret has in her basement!  One of the greater joys in my work as an area manager is the opportunity to spend time with a lot of special folks including NCBF staff, associational and church staff, current and future donors.  Margaret Joyce from Madison is one of those very special people.

I knew Margaret was a pretty special lady when Clay Warf and Bill Overby took me to see Margaret during my first month of employment with the Foundation.  The three of us called on Margaret to help her celebrate her 92nd birthday.  Margaret celebrated her 95th birthday on May 26th.

I have learned a lot from Margaret in the three years I have known her.  She has lived an interesting and fruitful life.  Margaret and her husband William, who is now deceased have created four endowments and a Charitable Remainder Trust with the Foundation.  They have also given many charitable gifts outside of the Foundation.  Their generosity will have an impact on children, future pastors and church music until the Lord returns.  Margaret has a love for music, art and gardening.  She has travelled much of the world and a lot of the USA.

Margaret surprised me on a recent visit by showing me her "greenhouse" in the basement.  She keeps many of her outdoor plants alive all year long by bringing them into her basement.  The flowering plants are as beautiful as any I have seen at Botanical gardens.

I asked her to give me some advice to pass along to others, especially to young people in regards to being a good steward of what God has entrusted us to manage.  She said that the first thing is to start small but be consistent.  Start saving and keep at it.  Money will add up.  She said that young folks today need to have lived in the 20's and 30's when you didn't have much and you appreciated what you did have.

Her advice on giving is that you start by tithing.  As the Lord blesses you when you follow His word, you will want to give beyond the tithe. 

Her next advice was to the parents of young people and that was to have your children in church, in preaching and teach them the truth of the bible.  Following scripture will teach you the things that you need to be happy in life.  Her opinion is that the lack of commitment to the church is why so many people are unhappy these days.  Folks are trying to find happiness in worldly things.

I asked Margaret how it felt to be 95 years old.  Her response was that she didn't feel old.  "I don't know what old is supposed to feel like."  I get the feeling that Margaret doesn't have many regrets in life.  She has lived it much as God has intended.  I would like to be more like Margaret.  If you would like to be more like Margaret, give us a call at the NC Baptist Foundation and we will show you some ways that you can.