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2011 NC Baptist Heritage Honorees
NCBF Newsletter, Summer 2011
6/8/2011 -

Ted and Helen Stallings are remarkable servants who have worked hard, lived modestly, and contributed generously all their lives. After serving in the Navy during WWII, Ted owned and operated a full-service gas station on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, while Helen had a 36-year career in accounting and purchasing for CP&L. They continue to be actively involved in Macedonia Baptist Church in Raleigh.


But here's what we really want you to know about the Stallings:

  • 1. They love the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and our ministry. They get as excited as their eastern area manager, Tom Denton, about charitable-giving instruments and how they can be used in planned giving; almost as excited as they get each summer as they watch those beautiful tomatoes ripening on the vine. They also love our staff. They pray for us, stay informed about our families, and share with us out of their bountiful garden.
  • 2. They use the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and our services. On a trip abroad once when one person in the group was having trouble deciding whether or not to join in on a particular excursion, his wife put it to him this way: "Harold, we know you're for us, the question is, are you with us." There is no question that Ted and Helen Stallings are with us in what we do at the Foundation. Through the use of various charitable- giving instruments, the Stallings are providing perpetual support for churches and youth groups, as well as the ministry of the Baptist Foundation.
  • 3. They promote the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and our vision. They have introduced others to the Foundation, persons who have determined to make their stewardship last forever through current and planned gifts. The Stallings tell our story so effectively. Like the woman at the well who went into her village and told others to 'come and see" Jesus, the Stallings are eager to tell there friends to come and see what the Foundation can do for them in helping them be good stewards. A couple of years ago, when the Stallings learned that the Foundation's Noel Inspirational Retreat was being postponed because of the effect of the down economy, they asked about the cost of the event. When told about the cost they simply asked, "To whom do we make the check?" They insisted that this event go on uninterrupted because they wanted others to know about our ministry.

   So it is that we were honored on April 5 to recognize Ted and Helen Stallings as our Heritage Award recipients for 2011.