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Spreading Good News, Summer 2011
David Webb, Western Area Manager
3/7/2012 -


  Vergie Hoyle, a member of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in rural Lincoln County, was attending the annual South Mountain Associational meeting as she has done faithfully for years. She recalls how she had been praying about what she should do with some family land when she heard the Foundation's Western Area Manager speak at the associational meeting about a "Give it Twice" trust. "It just felt like that was what I was supposed to do. "


  Since then Mrs. Hoyle has become an avid supporter of the North Carolina Baptist Foundation. She is proud of the fact that she was able to use some family land to create the trust which provides her with extra income and will provide her four children, Kathie, Alan, Tammy and Robin with an income for 20 years after her death. She is also excited to know that, after the children have received their income, the charities she has chosen will receive an income until the Lord returns.


  Mrs. Hoyle is an active mother of four children, 12 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She has always believed in hard work and still lives today on the farm she grew up on in Lincoln County. She is an avid gardener and mows her lawn with a self-propelled push mower to get the exercise.


  She met her beloved husband Hal, who died in 2003, at Palm Tree Methodist Church Singing School. She has fond memories of her and Hal taking pickup loads of apples to shut-ins and stopping by homes and leaving apples and inviting people to her much loved church.


  At Mount Vernon she has taught Sunday School for 50+ years and is a nursery worker and greeter. One of her real joys has been the delivering of tapes to the shut-ins, which she has done for over 30 years. She smiles as she relates "that one of the highlights of my days is delivering food and visiting shut-ins". Her husband Hal used to call her "Little Red Riding Hood" because she was always delivering a basket of goodies to the shut-ins. She shares readily how her heart goes out to shut-ins and they affectionately call her the "Soup Lady."


  Since retiring in January 2000 as secretary of Trinity Lutheran Church, she has served as a volunteer with SHIIP, Seniors Health Insurance Information Program, which assists seniors with making informed medical insurance decisions. She loves working with her flowers and gardening.


  She is noted for her cooking expertise at the annual Apple Show in Lincolnton. She has been preparing dishes and winning blue ribbons practically every year since 1982. In her first year, she took four dishes and received four ribbons. Grand prize ribbons line her cupboard.


  Mrs. Hoyle shares readily how the Noel Inspirational Retreat, held by the Foundation each October at Caraway, has been such a blessing to her. "While I have not gotten to attend every year, it is so good to feel God's Spirit and feel a part of the Foundation family. The conference inspires me and makes me appreciate how God is using the Foundation to further His work." David Webb, Mrs. Hoyle's area manager, adds, "It is my blessing as the western area manager to get to know personally so many fine Christians like Mrs. Hoyle. We are a family and Vergie and many others like her are special members of the Foundation family."