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They Came and They Heard
Spreading Good News, Spring 2014
Tom Denton, Eastern Area Manager
3/27/2014 -


Sometimes it helps to repeat yourself!  Over the years it has been discovered that sharing the services of the NC Baptist Foundation never falls on "deaf ears." But, the hearers' circumstances and life experiences at the time of hearing the presentation always has a certain impact.


On three separate occasions, Dr. Jimmy Moore, Senior Pastor, has invited Tom Denton to address the congregation at First Baptist Church, Washington, NC in the South Roanoke Baptist Association regarding Christian estate planning.  After each seminar, different members of the church have been led to establish endowments that expand the ministry of the church. All of the income derived from the endowments is over and above church budget needs and requirements.


In 2007, a church member had some APPRECIATED STOCK that she was willing to donate to establish a special music ministry endowment. This first endowment does not replace the yearly music budget but serves as an additional source of income for the music ministry. It has become a special source of  income to host Christian concerts, guest musicians, purchase of musical equipment and generally expand the breadth of the congregation's musical experience. Dr. Greg Barmer, Minister of Music, states that, "We appreciate the generosity of church members who have the foresight to plan this way."


Following a second speaking invitation extended in 2011, another church member donated income from a LIFE INSURANCE POLICY she had received to establish a local benevolence endowment. Dr. Moore indicates that this fund is "providing needed extra income for indigent people during these difficult economic times. This endowment provides the community with social ministries and individuals with assistance for rent, utilities and medications that are not available elsewhere."


A third member of the congregation was at a "hearing point" in 2013 when Tom spoke at the church on a third occasion. This church member chose to donate money he had received from a FAMILY INHERITANCE to establish a scholarship for laity and clergy in the church.  This endowment provides a source of income for continuing Christian education and spiritual formation.


Dr. Moore and Dr. Barmer are convinced that these church members have chosen to be wise and faithful servants.  Also, they believe that their examples will ultimately lead other church members to respond with individual and family endowments as they see the expanded services that endowments offer the First Baptist Church of Washington. May God give us all the "ears to hear" the call to be a part of the ongoing ministry of the Church until our Lord returns!