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The Mildred Frances Thomas Music Scholarship

(for students who are music majors with an interest in piano and/or organ as their medium)

Requirements and Guidelines

Applicant Requirements: 

  1. Be a Citizen or Legal Resident of the United States.
  2. Be a music major with an interest in piano and/or organ as your medium.
  3. Be a North Carolina resident for at least one year prior to making application.
  4. Be accepted for full-time enrollment in a degree program at a Baptist college, university or seminary. ("Full-time" is as defined by the educational institution you plan to attend.)
  5. Be a member of a church affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of NC and/or The North Carolina Baptist Foundation, Incorporated.
  6. Exhibit high moral character, dedication to family, church and community.
  7. Exhibit consistent academic achievements.
  8. Submit two current letters of reference (cannot be from relatives.) One letter must be from your pastor.  If your pastor is related to you, please submit a letter of reference from another pastoral staff person at the church.  It is required for the letters to be signed.
  9. Submit a copy of your most recent transcript available.  An unofficial copy will be accepted.
  10. Submit a copy of your FAFSA Electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) to establish a definite need for financial assistance. Please make sure that we can see your full name and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).   IMPORTANT:  Click here to see the report format the committee will accept.  If your report does not look like this example, or if information is incomplete, then your application will be disregarded.  You may use your prior year's report so long as the expiration date has not passed.  If you are planning to apply and submit a current year form, please allow up to FIVE business days to receive the SAR report from FASFA.  We will not accept late information due to poor planning.
  11. Submit application by the close of business on February 15 of each year to the NC Baptist Foundation Denominational Relations Committee. NO EXEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  Close of business is 5 p.m.


Scholarship Guidelines: 

  1. Be awarded on an annual basis. Scholarships are not automatically renewed. Students must apply each year to be considered for scholarship assistance.  Scholarships can be awarded for a maximum of four years during undergraduate studies and a maximum of three years during graduate studies.
  2. Be awarded to one or more eligible recipients at the discretion of the committee and in amounts determined solely by the committee based on demonstrated need and academic achievements. The committee reserves the right to make no scholarships in any one year.
  3. Be awarded to recipients who are enrolled in a full-time degree program at one of the six schools listed above.
  4. Be awarded based on a scholarship award ranging between $500 minimum and $2,500 maximum.
  5. Be issued to the schools at the beginning of the term or semester for which they are made, only after written certification of enrollment has been provided to the Foundation. This certification should be sent via email to One-half of the funds will be available for the fall and the remaining half for the spring.


Please note the following: 

  • Students applying for the Thomas Scholarship may not apply for the Watson Scholarship, Bullard Scholarship or the Butler Scholarship.  The committee will only accept the first submission receivedAll other submissions will be disregarded.
  • All inquiries relating to this scholarship should be sent via email to
  • The scholarship application will open up online on January 1 and will end at the close of business on February 15 of each year.  Close of business is 5 p.m.
  • Notifications regarding scholarship awards will be made on or before April 15 of each year.




If you have read and understand the requirements and guidelines above and agree you meet the criteria for The Mildred Frances Thomas Music Scholarship, then you are eligible to apply.   The application is only available between January 1 and February 15 of each year.



The 2019 - 2020 application is now available until February 15, 5PM!

Please note that you will be able to complete the application in sections and save your work to complete at a later time, if needed.