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Traditional IRA

If you wish to open a new IRA with NCBFS, please complete #1, #2 and #3 (If you are funding the IRA with funds from an existing IRA custodian) or #4 (if applicable, see form for details).  If you are funding the new IRA with a contribution, please complete #1 and #2 only and include your personal check made payable to Goldstar Trust Company FBO (your name). 


If you have an existing IRA with NCBFS and wish to transfer/rollover additional funds, please complete #1 and #3 (or #4 if applicable, see form for details). 



1. Individual Retirement Account Investment Application  (See Offering Circular Exhibit C-1) 


2. Traditional IRA Simplifier Application (Traditional/SEP Simplifier)      


3. IRA Transfer/Direct Rollover Request (Trad/Sep/Simple Transfer Request)


4. IRA Rollover Certification (Rollover IRA's Only- See form for details) Rollover Certification



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See our tax benefits illustration giving you a much closer breakdown of our different giving instruments and how they can benefit your taxes.



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We establish a clear understanding for all involved parties of the investment goals, constraints and objectives of Fund assets. Click here to learn about our investment guidlines and policies.