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Video Clips on Christian Estate Planning


  Video 1:  "Finishing Well" (14 minutes 19 seconds) This video includes an introduction by Executive Director Clay Warf as he challenges each of us to "Finish Well" with our estate planning.  The introduction is followed by all five of the presentations listed individually below.


  Video 2: "Charitable Trust: Giving It Twice" (3 minutes 24 seconds). 

Following Clay Warf's short introduction, Western Area Manager David Webb explains how one family included a trust in their Last Will and Testaments so that their estate will be given twice, once to family and then to important Christian ministries.


  Video 3:  "Permanent Endowments" (3 minutes 41 seconds). 

Following Clay Warf's short introduction, Eastern Area Manager Tom Denton tells the story of how a widow set up an endowment in her Last Will and Testament that now pays more each year to her favorite Christian ministries than she ever earned in a year as a nurse.


  Video 4:  "The Gift of Property" (2 minutes 46 seconds).

Following Clay Warf's short introduction, Central Area Manager Charles Fox shares how a family gave their residence at their deaths to be used as a home for missionaries on furlough. A second part of their plan included a permanent endowment that provides income to take care of the ongoing maintenance of the house and property.


  Video 5:  "Cornerstone Estate Documents" (2 minutes 49 seconds).

Following Clay Warf's short introduction, Director of Development Bill Overby explains that, in addition to a Last Will and Testament, most individuals also need three other documents that comprise the cornerstone of an effective estate plan.


  Video 6:  "NC Baptist Financial Services" (2 minutes 17 seconds).

Following Clay Warf's short introduction, Managing Director Russell Jones explains how the church loan and investment program allows churches and individuals to "Finish Well" by partnering for Kingdom growth.