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Frequently Asked Questions

General Foundation Information

What is the relationship between the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina?

The North Carolina Baptist Foundation is one of two agencies of the Baptist State Convention.  The Foundation is legally the "trust agency" of the Convention.  North Carolina Baptist churches and individuals can provide support for ministry until our Lord returns by placing assets in our care.  Though the Foundation operates independently from the Baptist State Convention, our Board of Directors is elected by them during their annual meeting in November of each year.  Click here to leave the NC Baptist Foundation website and visit the website of the Baptist State Convention of NC 


What is an endowment and how does it work?

An endowment is a special fund set up for providing permanent income support for named charity(ies).  Donations into the endowment are invested and the earnings are distributed to the designated charities at least annually.  Endowments may be established in the name of the donor or they can be named in honor or in memory of someone special.  Because of the desire to serve all North Carolina Baptists, the Baptist Foundation will serve as permanent trustee for endowments both large and small.  Endowments can be added to at any time and in any amount.  Many choose to add significantly to their endowments by Last Will and Testament and other assets at the time of death.  The Foundation will serve as trustee for endowments that include a variety of charities as long as Baptist ministries receive at least 51% of the endowment income.  Click here for an endowment illustration


What is North Carolina Baptist Financial Services?

North Carolina Baptist Financial Services (NCBFS) is a ministry of the North Carolina Baptist Foundation.  It was established in 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the North Carolina Baptist Foundation.  NCBFS is a North Carolina not-for-profit religious corporation established to make loans to Baptist churches and Baptist entities in North Carolina.

Click here for FAQ about church loans and investing with NCBFS


Are there any costs involved for a personal estate planning consultation or to have a speaker from the Baptist Foundation in our church?

No, we provide such services to all NC Baptists and Baptist churches. However, if you need legal documents drawn up or require other professional advice as a result of your estate planning, then costs for an attorney, CPA or a financial planner could be involved.


Does the North Carolina Baptist Foundation have an ethics policy related to investments?

The Foundation has a Statement of Investment Policy, Objectives, and Guidelines.  In general, the purpose of this statement is to outline a philosophy and attitude that will guide the investment management of the assets toward the desired results.  This statement is reviewed at least annually by our Board.  Also, funds placed with the North Carolina Baptist Foundation are screened to ensure that they are not invested in companies that benefit from holdings in gambling, pornography and alcohol industries.


Are there options with the North Carolina Baptist Foundation for clergy investments and retirement accounts?

We do not have an option for these types of investments at this time.


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