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Christian Money Management can make a difference. Make the NC Baptist Foundation your money management partner. Let us show you how we can help.


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Giving Instruments

Permanent Charitable Support Gifts

 Endowments - Give Permanent Support to Your Charity


 Donor Advised Funds - Have Flexibility in Your Giving


Life Income Gifts for Individuals

 Charitable Remainder Trusts - Provide Income to Individuals First and Then Provide

 Income to Charity Later


 Charitable Gift Annuity - Receive Reliable and Partly Tax-free Payments and Then Provide for Charity


Family Charitable Lead Trusts

 Charitable Lead Trusts - Provide Income to Charity First and Then Receive Assets Back


Insurance Policies

 Life Insurance - Don't Overlook It


At Death Gifts

 Last Will and Testament - A Lasting Testimony of Giving


 Retirement Plan - Becoming a Very Significant Asset for Donors


We establish a clear understanding for all involved parties of the investment goals, constraints and objectives of Fund assets. Click here to learn about our investment guidlines and policies.

See our tax benefits illustration giving you a much closer breakdown of our different giving instruments and how they can benefit your taxes.



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