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Services for Baptist Entities


The Baptist Foundation offers many important services to the various North Carolina Baptist entities to include providing church fund management, serving as trustee for endowments, providing seminars/speakers and offering a church loan program called NC Baptist Financial Services.


Fund Management

The Baptist Foundation offers fund management on a revocable basis for accounts owned by Baptist entities:


Why invest with the Baptist Foundation?

  • Professional management of assets
  • Social screening of investments
  • Lessens the bookkeeping for the organization
  • High liquidity for quick access to funds
  • Low fees
  • Flexible terms for accounting and administering the funds
  • Long-term investment benefits with short-term restrictions

Trustee for Endowments

The Baptist Foundation will serve as trustee on a permanent basis for endowments established by Baptist entities:


Why should organizations have endowments?

  • Expand ministry support for the organization
  • Promote stewardship for organizational donors
  • Enhance overall giving to the organization

Why should organizations use the Baptist Foundation as trustee?

  • Permanent security of intended purpose of the endowment
  • Professional management and social screening of assets
  • Flexibility of terms in the governing document
  • Organization retains control of investment choices
  • Even the low fees are supporting ministry through the Baptist Foundation
  • Organization gets relief from bookkeeping
  • Baptist Foundation provides free assistance with promotional efforts

Seminars and Speakers

What types of seminars are available?

  • Sermons
  • Senior adult programs
  • Christian estate planning seminars
  • Consultation for committees

What are the costs to the organization for requested speakers?

  • There are no costs for speakers

North Carolina Baptist Financial Services

The North Carolina Baptist Financial Services (NCBFS) is a ministry that consists of two basic parts, a church loan program and an investment program to help meet the loan needs. Churches have the opportunity to be involved in one or both of these programs and individuals have the opportunity to be involved in the investment program.


The primary purpose of NCBFS is to provide a new and more personal way to assist Baptist churches across North Carolina as they strive to enhance their ministries through expansion and renovation. Loans will be available as funds permit for new construction, conduit loans, interim financing and to purchase land.


To help finance the loan program, churches will be able to purchase certificates of participation. This money will be loaned to churches for their growth needs. The Baptist State Convention of NC also plans to provide some funding for loans and the Baptist Foundation will be using some of its funds for this purpose.


We establish a clear understanding for all involved parties of the investment goals, constraints and objectives of Fund assets. Click here to learn about our investment guidlines and policies.

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