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Frequently Asked Questions

Special Project Grants

Does the Foundation have any grant money available for churches, associations or Baptist organizations to use for special ministry projects?

The Foundation does have some limited funding provided by faithful NC Baptists for such purposes.


How can I apply for a grant for my church, association or organization?

To apply for a grant, one must complete an online application before the August 15 deadline.  Click here for more information on how to apply.


Is there a deadline to apply for a grant?

Yes, the Foundation has a deadline of August 15 of each year.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


May I fax or email an application for a grant?

No, an application must be completed online.


How much is the grant for?

The funds are very limited and we do not have a specific dollar amount we award to each applicant.  Each application is thoroughly reviewed and grants awarded on the basis of the guidelines, scope of the project and need.  However, prior grant awards range between $500 and $2,000, on average.


When will I know if our church, association or organization was awarded a grant?

Notifications will be mailed to all applicants by September 30 of each year.


Does the special project grant have to be repaid?

No.  The grant is a gift to encourage and enable the ministry project.


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