As the oldest of all the state Baptist Foundations, 103 years old in 2023, we have a long and distinguished history of assisting North Carolina Baptist individuals and churches in stewardship matters. Let us know how we can assist you, your family, your church or association in the days ahead.
If you are new to the ministry of the North Carolina Baptist Foundation, please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with our mission statement and the information concerning our staff. You will note that we have four regional offices in addition to our headquarters in Cary, NC. Our area managers are eager to meet you and help you consider ways to address your individual needs and the needs of your family while at the same time leave a legacy of ministry support.
We hope you will visit our website often. Feel free to let us know if there is additional information that we could include here that would be helpful to you.
So go ahead and get to know us better and then give us the opportunity of getting to know you.

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