Certificates of Participation

North Carolina Baptist Financial Services offers investment opportunities to residents of or organizations headquartered in North Carolina, who are also individual members of a North Carolina Baptist congregation or organizations affiliated with the Baptist Denomination in North Carolina. This program is known as our Certificates of Participation and offers investors the opportunity to receive a competitive return on their investment while those funds, in turn, assist us in the financing of new or existing Baptist churches and other Baptist entities in North Carolina.

The proceeds invested in the Certificates of Participation are pooled to underwrite first mortgage loans to churches and other Baptist entities in North Carolina. As God’s Kingdom in North Carolina continues to grow, so the loan demand continues to grow. If you invest, your deposits will help to fund these loans, which are underwritten using our own underwriting guidelines.

Certificates of Participation Basics:
Timed Certificates

• Minimum deposit and balance of $1,000

• Payable at maturity

• Fixed interest rate

• Interest compounded monthly and paid monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annuallyView our current rates.

• Automatic renewal at maturity

• Early redemption penalty

• Quarterly statements

Demand Certificates

• Minimum deposit and balance of $1,000

• Payable on demand

• Interest compounded monthly. View our current rates.

• Quarterly statements

This is not an offer to sell Certificates of Participation to you and we are not soliciting you to buy Certificates of Participation. We will offer Certificates of Participation only in North Carolina. Certificates of Participation are offered only by the Offering Circular.  Please click here for complete details and to view the Offering Circular, which contains both the individual and organizational applications at the end of the circular. You may also contact us at (800) 521-7334 if you have any questions or you may download our FAQ.

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