The North Carolina Baptist Foundation staff is ready to assist you in leaving a Great Commission Legacy. It is as simple as directing through your last will and testament that at least 10% of your estate would be distributed in this way:
  • One-third to your Jerusalem – your local church
  • One-third to your Judea and Samaria – your favorite NC Baptist ministry(s)
  • One-third to take the gospel to the ends of the earth – through the Cooperative Program
Another option available is to put the gift in an endowment at the NC Baptist Foundation that would go on distributing income in this manner in perpetuity.


Please contact one of the following for assistance at 800-521-7334:
            Scott Setzer – Eastern Area Manager
            Richard Childress – Vice President for Development/Central Area Manager
            Allen Schuyler – Western Area Manager
We look forward to working with you in developing an estate plan that would both address the needs of your loved ones as well as support kingdom causes.  We have the opportunity to make our estate plan our greatest act of Christian stewardship. Prayerfully consider leaving a Great Commission Legacy – for heaven’s sake!

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