The North Carolina Baptist Foundation Mission Statement

The North Carolina Baptist Foundation is an agency of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina committed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to serving North Carolina Baptists and others in generating an increased awareness of Christian estate stewardship principles as a means of financially undergirding churches, institutions and mission endeavors on a permanent basis.

And further, the Baptist Foundation staff and board of directors are committed to being scrupulously moral, legal, efficient and accurate in carrying out the intent of each donor and trustor whose funds are placed under management of the Foundation as a means of sustaining a tangible and perpetual involvement in presenting the Gospel, meeting human needs and strengthening all bodies of Christian fellowship where Christ is the Head.

The North Carolina Baptist Foundation Vision Statement

As servants of Christ, we want the North Carolina Baptist Foundation to be the premier state Baptist foundation in the nation, offering an investment program second to none and an array of services to meet the ongoing stewardship needs of Baptist individuals and institutions.

“Premier”… because we will not be satisfied with being anything less than the very best at what we do. We will continue to search and reach for ways to make our services more efficient and effective, adding new services as circumstances dictate and opportunity affords.

“Investment program second to none”… because we hold in trust assets left for the benefit of the greatest cause known to mankind—the cause of Christ and the work of the Kingdom. We offer solid, socially-screened investments which produce consistently good returns over time. Therefore, we are committed to use the very best money managers available as well as expert consultants to enhance investment performance.

“An array of services”… because the stewardship needs of Baptist individuals and institutions are always changing as the investment landscape changes. We are committed to taking advantage of every ethical and legitimate opportunity to build support for Kingdom causes.

“Ongoing stewardship needs of Baptist individuals and institutions”… because our ministry is stewardship. We are first and foremost a trust agency. We remember every day the parable of Jesus where the master was not pleased with the servant who hid his portion and simply returned to the master what he had been given. Our purpose is to help Baptist individuals and institutions increase their God-given blessings for the purpose of pleasing the Master through enhanced ministry in the name of Christ.


The mission of the Foundation is basically twofold:

To provide information related to extending stewardship involvement beyond earthly life through many innovative techniques utilizing endowment and trust Good stewards desire to support Kingdom work all of their lives and, in that the Christian lives forever, it is exciting to realize that gifts into endowment funds continue working until the Lord returns.

To provide the framework for managing funds placed with the Foundation as Trustee by individuals and institutions, including churches, associations, and the Convention. Our objective is to protect the assets placed in trust and endowment funds while providing a reasonable income as well as internal growth in principal assets. The Foundation seeks to provide the institutions with a permanent financial base which supplements the cash flow normally expected with current giving.

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