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Here are some shares that testify how we were able to do this on a multitude of occasions!
“Legacy of Faith”
by Robert Simons, Central Area Manager


One of the great pleasures I have as Central Area Manager for the NC Baptist Foundation is meeting faithful Baptists all across my area.  I have had the pleasure to meet many faithful pastors, associational missionaries and laypersons.  Two people who have filled all three roles faithfully for many years are Gene and Bobbie Booker of Asheboro.  Originally from Rockingham County, Gene and Bobbie currently live in the Cross Road Retirement Community (CRRC) and attend Oakhurst Baptist Church.  They continue to live a legacy of ministry, service and stewardship with everyone they encounter.

Gene attended Wake Forest and Southeastern Seminary.  His ministry, which began in June 1958 and spanned 38 years, was carried out as a senior pastor in four churches: Jessup Grove (Greensboro), Ellisboro (Madison), FBC Robbins and Rocky River (Siler City).  In “retirement”, he served over fifteen years as interim pastor for eleven churches and filled in twice as interim Director of Missions for the Randolph Association.  Gene and Bobbie continue to minister to others at CRRC.

Gene and Bobbie are the proud parents of four daughters: Hope, Joyce, Jeanne and Jennifer. 

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Hope and Joyce, and as we talked, a recurring theme emerged of generosity of time, talent and resources exhibited by acts of kindness and love toward people, churches and associations throughout their lifetime.  Hope and Joyce continue Gene and Bobbie’s legacy by serving at Cross Road Baptist and FBC Asheboro respectively, most recently serving on mission teams in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala.  Daughters Jeanne and Jennifer are also actively involved in ministry and missions at Pineville United Methodist and Piney Grove Baptist Church in Fuquay Varina.

Gene and Bobbie are also passing this legacy to their nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, many of who are now actively involved in missions and ministry in their walk with Jesus. That makes three generations and counting.

Gene and Bobbie have not only been faithful in their stewardship of their time and talents, but also the resources that God has provided to them.  In 2002, they established an endowment which names the Adopt-an-Annuitant program as it’s 100% beneficiary.  An endowment is a charitable fund where the gift is invested and the annual earnings are distributed to the designated charities on a permanent basis. Gene states they were inspired to set up this endowment after a presentation by NCBF.  They wanted to provide for other ministers whose churches had not planned for them in the same way that the Bookers’ congregations did.  Gene states that God and their churches have been good to them and have blessed them.

  If you are interested in learning more about endowments and other methods of charitable giving, give us a call at the NC Baptist Foundation.  We would like to meet you, too!

“Scholarships Today, promoting the Future”
by Daryl Trexler, Eastern Area Manager


A little town called Fuquay-Varina became my home after college. Although I don’t live there anymore, it still feels like home. What made Fuquay so special for me? Quite frankly, it was my church family – Piney Grove Baptist Church. It was a place of deep community and faith and where I eventually was called to serve as the youth minister. From time to time, I get the opportunity to go back and visit. On a recent visit, something caught my eye as I walked around. In the back hallway, there is a plaque that hangs on the wall. I had seen this plaque before–it was one that we had hung back in 2005 while I was on staff. The reason it caught my attention was because it was STILL there after all these years.
As I approached the plaque, the words inscribed on it years ago were still there: “The Rick Goforth Scholarship.” Even as I type Rick’s name, I am reminded again of what a special man he was to me.  Rick had two kids in our youth group and became an invaluable member of our youth ministry team. He was a Sunday school teacher, ministry partner, member of the leadership team, mentor and one who consistently urged our youth to live out their faith. Rick made a difference in many of our lives. In 2002, Rick was diagnosed with kidney cancer, eventually losing his battle in 2003. Rick left an incredible legacy for our young people. In our efforts to keep Rick’s spirit and message alive, Piney Grove decided to establish a scholarship. It would serve as a way of remembering Rick and challenging our youth to follow the example of the life that Rick had led.
In 2005, the first scholarships were awarded, helping with college expenses. As I looked at the plaque, my eyes were fondly drawn to the names of those who were recipients. These were names I knew well – Ben, Megan, Lauren, Bethany, Jennifer, Alana and the list went on. I couldn’t help but smile as many of these have graduated from college, have families and are making impacts of their own. The 2006 recipient, Bethany Taylor, graduated from North Greenville College and is now serving as the first paid Children’s Minister at Piney Grove. Bethany says this about the scholarship, “…when I received the Rick Goforth scholarship, I was honored. I had known Rick and the man of God he was. I never could have imagined that God would use my college education and call me back to Piney Grove to serve as their first Children’s Minister. What Rick sowed … is still being reaped today.” 

Rick Goforth is still impacting the kingdom of God.
The plaque still stands, but more importantly, still has room to add the names of new Rick Goforth Scholars who will continue to impact the world. Rick is still making a  difference and that brings me great joy. The Rick Goforth Scholarship was established in 2005 through the services of the NC Baptist Foundation.

If you have questions regarding establishing scholarships or other endowments, feel free to contact your area manager.

Contact your Area Manager - Let us help you as well!

“Sure Foundation”
by Russell Jones, Managing Director NC Baptist Foundation Services


In the fall of 2016 Eastern North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.   One of the places hit the hardest was Lumberton.  The Lumber River reached a record high of 24 ft.  West Lumberton Baptist Church, located near the Lumber River, suffered a tremendous amount of damage to several of its buildings when a levee near the church could not hold the rushing water.  The sanctuary and education building was damaged and will have to be renovated.  The Fellowship building will have to be rebuilt and the former sanctuary and parsonage had to be torn down.  As you can imagine it is a challenge to meet all of the ministry needs of a church when four buildings have been reduced to only two.

 West Lumberton, a member of the Robeson Baptist Association, has been serving the Lumberton community since 1910.  Pastor Rick Foreman retired from the Navy and soon after was called into the ministry.  He has been pastor at West Lumberton since 2014.  As a military guy he met challenges head on but none more important than this one.  He had been called into action to lead the charge in getting West Lumberton back to normalcy.

West Lumberton needed financing for the damaged buildings and sought help through the Small Business Administration.  They were finding it difficult to move through the loan application process, so Alan Taylor, DOM at Robeson suggested they contact NCBFS.  We were blessed to be able to join West Lumberton in ministry to provide a loan to rebuild.

The good news of this story is not that they were able to get a loan through NCBFS.  The good news is that this tragedy has allowed West Lumberton to share The Good News in ways they hadn’t before.  Pastor Rick has been thankful for and excited about the ways his folks have reached out to the community.  Even though they have been the victims of this devastating storm they are more focused on helping the community.  One day recently while the church buildings were literally being torn down behind them, the members were in the front of the church handing out water bottles, food and clothing to the community.  For 52 days they operated as a distribution center handing out blankets, coats, furniture, food and water to over 400 people each day.  The people have drawn closer to God and to each other through this tragedy.  Recently they partnered with Crisis Response International on one of the days of distribution. They served hot meals, gave haircuts and made witnessing bears from towels for the community.  That day 6 people were saved.  West Lumberton is going to rebuild but more importantly they are building for the Kingdom.  They are serving as an example of what it is like to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  (Matthew 25:40 NIV)

We look forward to serving with other churches like West Lumberton through our loan and investment ministry.

“Making the Most of Every Opportunity”
by David Webb, Western Area Manager (retired) now on the Board of NCBF


Growing up in Longview, a small community three miles west of Hickory, a young Wade Shepherd learned early in life the value of hard work.  “My parents taught me right from wrong and took me to church,” Wade fondly recalls. At age three, he won an award for reading the Bible for another congregation.  However, it was his experiences in Korea while serving in the Army that transformed his life forever.

Prior to being drafted into the Army and serving in Korea, he married his beloved Sophie and worked for five and a half years (his beloved Sophie passed away in 2004.)  Seeing the living conditions of the people in Korea, he was broken hearted. He returned home and cleaned a considerable acreage of pine trees with an ax, trying to come to grips with his experiences and to find himself. He realized how thankful he should be and became determined to make the most of every opportunity.

Wade earned a business administration degree in three years while working at night to earn a living. When his employer was disposing of some old equipment, he bought the equipment, marking the beginning of a successful hosiery manufacturing business. His first major account was Kentucky Derby Finishing, who bought his socks to distribute to Dollar General Stores. His business flourished, and although he was as much as 26 weeks behind, he never lost an account.

A long-term member of Penelope Baptist Church in Hickory, Wade has served as a deacon most of his life including 20 to 25 years as chairman.  He became the church’s treasurer at a young age of 28 and served in that capacity, or as a trustee or finance chairman, until about six years ago. Most Sundays you will find Wade serving as an usher and then having a seat by his dear friend Yvonne.

Wade has served on six different boards at Gardner-Webb University.  Gardner-Webb recognized him as their NC Baptist Heritage Award winner, presented him an honorary doctorate, and in recent years, held a Wade Shepherd Day.  He has a particular love for Gardner-Webb’s Divinity School and Fine Arts program.

Dr. Shepherd worked with the Foundation to establish a trust for his family and Gardner-Webb by placing his hosiery business, which he had owned and operated for 47 years, into a charitable trust. Before that, he established a trust with the sale of another business in South Carolina. The site where a segment of the popular movie “The Hunger Games” was filmed has been placed in yet another charitable trust.

Wade often shares with people how it took him a long time to understand how a charitable trust works. He is quick to add, “Once people understand it, they realize it is a good way to take care of your family and the causes you support.”  He is quick to add, “You can’t out give God.”

Contact your Area Manager - Let us help you as well!

Entities - Churches
Stedman Baptist – Pastor Spears

“And whenever the cloud lifted from over the tent, after that the people of Israel set out, and in the place where the cloud settled down, there the people of Israel camped.”  Numbers 9:17

This passage in Numbers tells us that for 40 years after leaving Egypt, the nation of Israel was on the move.  Imagine the enormous burden of moving hundreds of thousands of people, live stock and tents.  How would you feel if you had to take your belongings and move out of your house every few months?  The very thought of cleaning out my attic right now makes me break out in a cold sweat!

Moving from one location to another can be daunting but it can also be very exciting.  It usually involves a fresh start.  This passage tells us something wonderful about the often times disobedient Israelites.  When God moved, they moved.

Stedman Baptist in Cumberland County has recently been on the move.  They had been at their current location since 1953.  They needed to upgrade their facilities and had no room to expand.  After prayerful consideration, the church felt that God was leading them to move to a new location.

Through the generosity of the members they acquired 14 acres of land and began to make preparations to build a new church building.  Fortunately for them, they were moving less than a mile down the road.  But whether it is a mile or 1,000 miles moving is a very large task. The church had money in the building fund to start construction but needed a loan to finish the project.  NC Baptist Financial Services was able to help them with that loan.

Several months ago Stedman’s pastor, Philip Spears, gave me the grand tour of the beautiful new facility.  He was very excited about what God was going to do in and through the members at their new location.  As we stood by the pulpit in the worship center, he said that a Bible had been placed inside a box underneath the alter where the pulpit stands.  He said that every time he preaches he will literally be standing on the word of God.

By partnering with us, Pastor Spears said, “Three things set apart NC Baptist Financial Services from other lenders.  One, they have the lowest possible interest rates.  Two, Russell Jones and the others who work for them have a heart for the needs of local churches.  Three, the loan repayment we make is funneled back into helping other churches”.

We don’t know what God has in store for Stedman Baptist, but it seems that He has them firmly planted in a place where lives can be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If your church is on the move and needs financial assistance, please consider NC Baptist Financial Services.

Camp Cale – Director Matt Thomas

Cale Camp and Conference Center is nestled along the banks of the Perquimans River near Hertford, NC.  Cale is a ministry of the Chowan Baptist Association which serves the needs of 68 Baptist churches in a 10 county area in North Eastern North Carolina.  Dr. Rob Roberts is the Director of Missions at Chowan Baptist Association.  In 1959 the Association had a desire to start a summer camp.  James Cale heard about the Association’s plan so he donated 50 acres of land and later donated another 26 acres.  In 1963 Cale welcomed its first summer campers.   Cale runs seven weeks of summer camps for ages 2nd grade to 12th grade.  This years’ theme for summer camp is “Formula One” and is based on Ephesians 4:4-6.  Matt Thomas, Director of Cale Camp and Conference Center, said there are three main focuses at Cale:  “We want to reach people for Christ, teach people about Christ and let the church gather. “  To support their efforts to “let the church gather”, several years ago they began a campaign to raise money for a much needed conference center.  Through campaign pledges and donor support, they were able to raise enough funds to begin construction on a 9,200 sq. ft. conference center.  Matt says that the new conference center will allow them to minister in a variety of ways.  He said, “We’ll be using the Conference  Center to do Youth Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Men’s and Women’s Retreats, Concerts and Family Fun days,” to name a few.

Towards the end of the project, they realized the need for additional resources to cover furnishings and other related necessities.  That’s when they approached NC Baptist Financial Services for help with a loan to cover the short term need.  While NCBFS primarily lends to NC Baptist Churches, we also provide financing for NC Baptist Associations and other NC Baptist entities.  We were happy to partner with The Chowan Baptist Association and Cale to provide our first NC Baptist entity loan.

Recently another 24 acres was donated to Cale bringing the total to 100 acres.  It appears that Cale will be expanding again.  The additional land will allow them to provide even more opportunities for groups to come in and use their facilities.  Matt said, “With the help of North Carolina Baptist Financial Services and the NC Baptist Foundation Cale Camp and Conference Center is poised to become a strategic ministry for Kingdom growth”.

If your Association or church is seeking a financial partner for your next building project, NCBFS would be happy to assist.


Wellspring Community Church, Thomasville – Pastor Dan Shoaf

On a staggering level, capital campaigns and construction projects present a wide array of both opportunities and difficulties for churches, but one of the unexpected delights of this project has been the joy of partnering with NCBFS who clearly understands the unique challenges that we face as a church and whose obvious passion is not merely for lending and buildings, but for the mission and ministry of making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

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